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About Sarah

The sunshine girl (a title bestowed from her beloved Grandma Bonnie) grew up in beautiful south Florida near friends and family.  She spent much of her childhood training in classical ballet, making movies with friends, performing in plays, climbing trees, and spending whole days at the beach.

When Sarah was fourteen, her family relocated to Texas. It was there that she saw snow for the first time, learned that tumbleweeds are real and how to say catchy Texas phrases like "howdy", “y’all” and “darndest” (all phrases Sarah still uses on the daily).  She did a few other important things as well, such as, trained and performed with Ad Deum Dance Company in Houston, Ingredients Dance Company in Dallas and toured nationally with Dance Revolution.

Longing to return to her childhood passions for film and theater, Sarah moved to Jackson, Mississippi to study theater at Belhaven University.  Just after graduating, she was invited to tour the Pacific Northwest with Taproot Theatre’s Road Company; she performed in over 500 shows in 18 months, it was a grand adventure!


At the beginning of 2016, Sarah moved back to Florida to get married (awe!) and to live with her husband and two adorable dachshunds (awe!) in the magical land of Orlando (yay!). She keeps her Meisner skills sharp at Art’s Sake Studio, strengthens her funny bone at SAK Comedy Lab, hosts a weekly show on YouTube and recently joined the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as Virge in The Tales of Beedle the Bard at Universal Studios.



Sarah Yarborough


Sarah Yarborough


Sarah Yarborough


Sarah Yarborough

the girl next door

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